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Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payments for classes, subscriptions, purchases, etc. must be made in advance of services rendered by Spanish House. The time and date of the classes must be agreed upon in advance by both the student and the teacher, and it remains the responsibility of both parties to comply with agreed schedules and dates. Once the classes have been mapped out and agreed upon (dates, times and frequency) the students will be expected to make the total payment.


Every student agrees to the terms and conditions below

• Each class, once agreed upon, is nonrefundable. In the event that a student needs to cancel a class, it will be counted as part of the total amount of classes and will not be rescheduled.

• If a student needs to change the day or time of a class, please check with the teacher at least 48 hours in advance for availability.

• Payments must be made to Spanish House and only Spanish House in our website:, no teacher is authorized to receive payments directly without using a Spanish House account and registration.

• In the event that a teacher can not attend a class, the class will be rescheduled within one week.

• It will be the responsibility of the teacher to find an appropriate rescheduled time that works for both themself and the student in the event of a missed class.

• Any questions or clarifications can be sent by email to


Cost and services 

All our services are and will be charged in Mexican pesos. All our services must be paid through our website:  


One to one class → 300 MXN 

class includes: 

  • 50 minutes lesson 

  • working material provided by teacher 


Group class → 1650 MXN

Class includes: 

  • 50 minutes lesson 

  • 8 classes per month 

  • 6 students per class top 

  • working material provided by teacher 

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