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  • Artisian Workshop 

  • Coffee 

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  • chocolate 

  • Mezcal 

  • Cooking

A week-long artisan craft workshop.  3 hours a day of learning from one of our master Oaxacan artisans and creating a bespoke artisan item to take home with you. All materials included.

We run a rotating schedule of week-long workshops. Please visit our Cultural Activities page to check which workshops will be running on the date of your visit. 

  • Bordado (embroider)

  • Hojalata (tin handcraft)

  • Tallado de Alebrije (woodcarving) 

  • Construcción de faroles (handcraft lanter) 

Pannela Casa tostadora is a coffee roaster project in Oaxaca city who looks to provide world-class coffee made in Oaxaca, working with a strict policy of fair trade with local coffee farmers and committed to making the environmental impact as low as it can be. You’ll get to taste a variety of different roasts to experiment with tastes and aromas, creating a unique tasting experience. 

Walking tour around most significant neighborhoods in Oaxaca city. This Walking tour is like no other, here you will meet the neighbors, learn the true history of their monuments and iconic places, and all their legends. At the end you will meet at a nice cafe and talk about your experience. 

Mamá Pacha  workshop located in Oaxaca that makes delicious and nutritious chocolate. Works with a fair trade economy from the countryside to the city. Manufacturing chocolate from bean to bar return it to it place as food in people's daily lives. On this tour you will see all production process, from cocoa roasting to the last test of it.

Metepantle  works  with 9 different producers (Maestros Mezcaleros) fromOaxaca, well known for being the place in the world with more diversity of agave.  Sells small batches of Mezcal produced with only “wild agaves”, made in an ancient way. Giving our consumers a unique tasting experience, each sip of our product has at least the work and the handcraft of six generations of knowledge from our “Maestros” and his families

Gratia is a workshop where they create and sell handmade products, conscious and in harmony with mother earth. Gratia works with  Margarita a traditional chef who has a lifetime of knowledge, culture and practice. Come a learn how to make one of the most emblematic dishes. Come and find out yourself

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