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Terms and Conditions

  • Upon purchase of Spanish House “vive el español” experience the participant accepts the following terms and conditions

  • Participants are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow participants and staff, as well as those with whom they share their accommodation. 

  • The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse, or inconsiderate or offensive behavior towards others is considered unacceptable.

  • If the participant cannot attend a class during the course of the program they must inform Spanish House by email or whatsapp 24 hours before the class starts . It is not possible to reschedule missed classes. 

  • If the participant cannot attend an activity during the course of the program they must inform Spanish House by email or whatsapp 24 hours before the class starts . It is not possible to reschedule missed classes. 

  • Spanish House reserves the right to withhold courses and accommodation from any participant violating the company’s regulations or generally behaving in an inconsiderate or offensive manner towards others. 

  • Spanish House reserves the right to terminate the course and/or accommodation of any participant violating the terms of this article. In such circumstances, no refund will be paid for the course or for the accommodation.

  • Spanish House is not liable in any cases of force majeure or for unlawful acts on the part of the participant, nor the consequences they might cause.

  • We guarantee that we will do all we can to help the participant to achieve their learning objectives. However, our obligation to the participant regarding the learning of a foreign language is limited to an obligation of due care, and the participant alone is responsible for the results achieved.

  • You are not insured against illness or accidents, theft or loss of personal possessions. We therefore highly recommend you take out a personal insurance policy.

  • It is the responsibility of the participant to manage their transport and travel plans to arrive in Oaxaca city on time and for the agreed start date of their program. Spanish House is not responsible for any delay or inconvenience that arises during the journey. 

  • We recommend that you arrive at least one night before the start of your program to give yourself time to settle in and familiarize yourself with the details of your program. 

  • If you have arranged accommodation with one of our hosts, they will pick you up from the airport or bus terminal when you arrive. We will put you in contact with them before your program starts so that you can meet each other and make arrangements for your arrival. We recommend you exchange contact details so that you can inform each other of any delay or problem related to your travel and arrival. 

  • If you haven’t arranged accommodation with one of our hosts, we recommend you use a safe taxi service to travel to your accommodation after arriving at the International Airport of Oaxaca City (Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México) or the ADO bus terminal. 

  • The program will run Monday to Friday and the weekends will be free time off. Host accommodations are included during the weekend.

  • It is the participant’s responsibility to provide Spanish House and their accommodation host with all arrival details at least 7 days before the scheduled arrival day. If not, we cannot guarantee that the accommodation host will be able to pick up the participant upon arrival. 

  • for any legal allegation the participant 

  • Any dispute relating to the programs will be resolved by the courts under applicable law. This excludes any other form of dispute resolution (administrative bodies, arbitration, etc.). Any conflict that may arise between the parties in regards to the interpretation, completion, and execution of this contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. 

Cancellation Policy

Our objective is to provide a quality educational service and immersive cultural program to our participants. Absences, late arrivals and cancellations are disruptive not only for our teachers and experience providers, but also for other students. Please read and take into account our policy with regards to cancellations and missed bookings. 


Our program has limited spaces and many of our classes quickly become fully-booked. Therefore we request that you cancel your place with as much notice as possible, and at least two weeks before your scheduled program, to allow us to offer your place to another participant. 

Refund Policy

  • If a booking is canceled at least 30 days before the start date of the scheduled program we provide an 80% refund.


  • If a booking is canceled at least 15 days before the start date of the scheduled program we provide a 50% refund. 


  • If a booking is canceled less than 15 days before the start date of the scheduled program we do not provide a refund. 

Late cancellations and non-attendance

Any cancellation carried out less than 15 days before the start date of a booking is considered a late cancellation. If a participant does not attend their scheduled program without notifying Spanish House, it is considered a non-attendance. Both late cancellations and non-attendances are not eligible for a refund.

How to cancel

You can cancel your booking by emailing, phoning +52 951 169 0550 or whatsapp  as soon as you know you are unable to attend. 

If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please contact us again to ensure that your message has arrived.


If you have reserved accommodation with one of our hosts we ask that you read the following points carefully, in which you will find housing information and details of the co-living agreement between you and the host. 


1.- Participants and hosts are matched based on the preferences provided by the participant when reserving their experience on the Spanish House website. Selection of hosts is ultimately carried out by Spanish House, and participants agree to abide by this selection. 


2.- Some of our hosts have pets that are important members of the family. Therefore, we request that you give us plenty of notice if you have any allergies or are uncomfortable around animals, so that we can make the right selection when choosing your host. 


3.- Participants can arrive at their accommodation from the day before their program starts (Sunday) and must depart the day after the course ends (Saturday).


4.- Our hosts are accepted based on a rigorous selection process to ensure they will provide you with the perfect living space for a safe and comfortable stay. Please remember that you will be sharing a home and that our hosts may have personal habits and rules around the house. Therefore, we request that you respect your host and communicate with them about their preferences when sharing their home. Please carefully read our Housing Agreement below. 

Housing Agreement

A.- The participant accepts to abide by the house rules of the host

A.1.- The participant cannot have visitors from outside of the Spanish House program ‘Vive el español’

A.2.- The participant can spend a night(s) outside of the host accommodation under the conditions that:

A.2.1.- It is under their own responsibility and at their own risk

A.2.2.- They advise the host before 9pm 

A.2.3 If the participant travels outside of Oaxaca and therefore misses a class or activity, Spanish House will not provide a refund or rearrangement

A.3.- The participant has the right to use the common areas given that they use them correctly and respect house rules:

A.3.1.- Use common areas and furniture in an appropriate manner

A.3.2.- Keep common areas clean and tidy

A.3.3.- Do not leave personal items in the way of others

A.3.4.- Use utensils and appliances appropriately when using the kitchen

A.3.5.- Clean and put away utensils and appliances after use

A.3.6.- The participant will have access to a section of the fridge which they must keep clean and tidy

A.3.7.- The participant will not take food items from outside of their section of the fridge

A.4.- The participant will have a private bedroom and their own key

A.4.1.- The participant is responsible for keeping their bedroom clean and tidy

A.4.2.- As a minimum requirement the host will provide a table/desk, lamp and wardrobe in the bedroom

A.4.3.- The host will provide clean sheets and a clean towel once a week

A.4.4.- The host will not enter the participant’s bedroom without their permission

A.5.- The participant will have access to either a private bathroom or a bathroom shared with no more than two people

A.5.1.- The participant is responsible for cleaning the bathroom if it is a private ensuite inside the bedroom

A.6.- The accommodation will have internet access

A.7.- The participant is responsible for washing their own clothes

A.8.- The participant agrees to keep noise at a respectable level during daytime hours, and to avoid any disruptive noise after 10pm

A.9.- The participant agrees to return to the house for the night by 10pm unless they advise the host beforehand and the host accepts a later arrival time

A.10.- Parties, social gatherings and cohabiting a bedroom in the host accommodation are strictly prohibited 

A.11.- The participant will be provided with one meal a day (Monday-Friday) and mealtimes will be  shared with the host and/or a member of the host family

A.11.1.- Under the circumstance that the participant misses a meal, the host does not have an obligation to provide a substitute

A.12.- Upon arrival to the host accommodation, the participant should confirm if they have any food allergies or personal, moral or religious restriction with regards to food, for example, vegetarianism or veganism

A.13.- The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and any illicit substance is strictly prohibited inside the accommodation

B.- The participant agrees to follow the rules established by Spanish House throughout the duration of their ‘Vive el español’ experience

C|.- If any conflict arises between the host and participant, Spanish House will review the issue and both host and participant will be subject to the decision and action that Spanish House deems appropriate 

D.- Spanish House reserves the right to end the immersive experience and/or accommodation of any participant that violates the terms of the housing agreement and/or the terms and conditions, without responsibility or obligation to provide any type of reimbursement.

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