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Immersive Experience


Spanish tutoring

Spanish House prioritizes the student's learning experience including their goals, needs, weaknesses, and strengths; encouraging them to never lose motivation and always move forward. During the immersive program, participants will have 3 hours a day of Spanish tutoring in small groups. The program divides participants into four groups: Beginners (A1) Basic (A2-B1) Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1-C2), according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In every class, the student will learn and practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. Spanish House will provide all learning materials. The best part of the program is that the content learnt in class will be revised and put to practical use in workshops, tours, art classes, cooking experiences and day trips.


Vive el español provides connections between participants and local hosts. You can choose between staying with a family and being part of their day-today life: eating, going out, talking and learning; or staying with some local residents who will share their home with you. In both situations, participants get their own bedroom and private space, as well as one meal a day provided by the host.  All accommodation is in a safe location with local transport links. Participants are also welcome to organise their own accommodation if they wish. 

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Artisan Workshops

One of our cultural experiences is provided by local university ELAD which works side by side with artisans to create dynamic workshops. Participants have the opportunity to learn real handicraft skills with local artisans while they practice their Spanish in a 100 % practical situation. This activity is accessible for any language level, it doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or advanced, you will be able to practice, improve and learn much more.

Workshops to choose from include: 

  • Bordado (embroidery)

  • Hojalata (tin handcraft)

  • Tallado de Alebrije (woodcarving) 

  • Construcción de faroles (traditional lantern-making) 

Cooking class

Gratia is a project that uses eco-friendly practices to produce handmade traditional cuisine in harmony with mother earth.  Their main goal is to discover, document, learn and share the processes of preparation of different traditional Oaxacan dishes working side by side with  Margarita, a traditional chef. Located in Oaxaca City, Gratia shares a house with many artists and mezcal producers; a magical space to create, learn and explore Oaxaca.  Workshop participants will learn how to cook a traditional Oaxacan dish. and of course taste what they have made. 

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Mezcal tasting

Metepantle is a Project born in 2010 to share the culture and love of Mezcal. They work with 9 different producers (Maestros Mezcaleros) from the state of Oaxaca, well known for being the place in the world with most diversity of agaves that can be produced as Mezcal. They sell small batches of Mezcal produced with only “wild agaves”, made in an ancient way. Giving their consumers a unique tasting experience, each sip of their product has at least the work and the handcraft of six generations of knowledge from their “Maestros” and their families. 

Coffee tasting

Pannela Casa Tostadora is a coffee roasting project in Oaxaca city that looks to provide world-class coffee made in Oaxaca. It works with a strict policy of fair trade with local coffee farmers and commits to making environmental impact as low as possible. You’ll get to taste a variety of different roasts to experiment with tastes and aromas, creating a unique tasting experience.

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Walking tour

Roxana Ambrosio is an art historian from Oaxaca city with a Masters degree and a PHD in education who loves her city. She shares her passion during her tour around the most significant neighborhoods of Oaxaca city. This walking tour is like no other; you will meet the neighbors, discover local secrets and learn the true history of iconic monuments and places. Roxana involves participants every step of the way with games, activities and music. At the end you will stop at a local café and chat about your experience.


Emilia Chulia is an art dealer and gallery manager in Oaxaca City who works with local artists. However one of her true passions is cinema. She has created a home theatre experience with a great selection of Latin American movies covering drama, horror, comedy and more. With Emilia's expertise, you will explore original Latin American cinema and have the chance to talk about plotlines and opinions at the end of every movie. 


Food tour

Verbena Oaxaca-Cultural Journeys connect travellers with the people and places that have made Oaxaca a magical destination for at least 2000 years. Discover the food scene of rural Oaxaca with this full-day guided tour. Travel to the Tlacolula Valley to visit artisanal food workshops and see chocolate being made from cacao beans. Learn family recipes during a stop at the home of a village cook who will demonstrate how to make mole. See the process of how mezcal is made at a traditional distillery and sample the smoky spirit.

Cultural experiences

Our inmersive programme includes a variety of cultural experiences that let participants practice their Spanish in a 100% practical situation. The activities are accesible for any language level. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or advanced, you will be able to practice, improve and learn much more. Find out more about each of our experiences here.

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